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Mays Pgs Ltd are your local Milton Keynes Plumbing And Heating company , We take care of all your gas and water installations.

We provide comprehensive advice, high-quality professional work and an extensive level of service which is monitored at all times - both during and after the completion of the project. And we're there for you, in person, both during and outside of normal office hours.

We guarantee that all of our work is carried out without any hassle and with a positive impact on the environment!
We take great pride in the loyalty of our customers,Just check out our many Plumber reviews , This is what motivates our continuous development as a company. The most modern and up-to-date technologies and continuous professional staff training are all priorities for us as we support you through whatever situation you find yourself in.


See for yourself! Contact us now. We look forward to hearing from you.




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Name of company
Mays Pgs Ltd


Registered office
The Chestnuts , 179 Water Eaton Road ,
Milton Keynes MK2 3AG


Contact details
Tel: +44 1908 526339
E-mail: info@maysps.co.uk


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VAT no.
244 7321 16

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